hey i just figured that a lot of people only check my news section and since that isn’t updated so constant…i wanted to let you know that the rest of the site is actually more updated.. artist section and shop section are usually up to date… releases section is usually updated to… will try to [...]


aahhh..still cold and freezing time to work inside …updated the website!.. check the toursection, artists page and releases… what more can you ask for, live shows to mark down in your calendar, videos to watch, music to listen to and covers to look at… all releases are also available through the shop!!!

*Gunner Records Newsletter 06.02.2013*Arliss Nancy, Dan Webb, Red City Radio, Perdition, For Reasons Of State…*

hallo, hope everybody is warm and well in these cold days… it’s time for another newletter…here are the news: Arliss Nancy (Fort Collins/USA) first tour 2013 will happen in February 2013 ! Arliss Nancy will toour europe for the first time to support simple machines.. see complete tourdates at the end of this mail.. Dan [...]


just did a small update… artist and release is now featuring: No Weather Talks…a great band from hamburg, germany! definitly check them out…they are playing the fest in gainsvill 2012 ..if you’re there you gotta watch them..since they are fantastic live! aaand i updated the shop…nobody told me that i forgot to put crazy arms [...]


hey everybody, i just updated a bunch of stuff..there are a ton of exciting new bands!!!! such as Arliss Nancy or Ann Beretta….there are also a bunch of new releases coming up from Arliss Nancy, Ann Beretta, Jeff Rowe and Blacklist Royals…. aaand we have a bunch of tours coming up: World/Inferno Friendship Society, Ann [...]


here’s an awesome tourvideo jeff rowe made for his upcoming tour in september/october 2012..feat. a brandnew song from the upcoming album:


Hey guys, lots of new stuff many new bands and releases!!!!…aaand the Gunner Records Logo Shirts are back for sale ..we now have S, M, L, XL shirts back in stock… check out arliss nancy ..their artist page, release page and in the shop..the record is check them out! and check out the tours [...]


i just updated the release section…and the shop..there are so many great new releases that it’s sometimes hard to get everything online in time..this is what we have : Dan Webb And The Spiders – Oh Sure CD, LP incl. Download Crazy Arm – Tribes  7inch Auxes – More!More!More! CD, LP incl. Download Red City [...]


Hallo, waiting for the spring…and i have tons of news for you, many new releases, bands and tours…here are the details: *!RELEASES!* 1.BUG ATTACK First Release 2012 and start of the Singles Club was BUG ATTACK, a one man band, Olli is playing drums and guitar and sings all at the same time…that stuff is [...]


lot’s of new releases are coming out: auxes are putting out there new album in spring 2012, for reasons of state from sweden are putting out their debut on gunner records and dan webb and the spiders are putting out the oh sure redux LP…aaaand not to forget the 7inch club started there’s lot’s [...]

some more stuff…

just added even more new releases to the releases section…great new stuff…and don’t forget the singles club..there is an interview about it:

some stuff…

just updated the website…there are 2 new releases out…the riot before – acoustic and red city radio – the dangers of standing still….great stuff and definitly worth checking out..both bands are playing those songs live on tour in europe..check the tour section for dates near you… more stuff about to come…the new crazy arm will [...]

*Gunner Records News May 2011*

Hallo Everyone,’s finally getting warm…best time in the year to sit outside and listen to a good music ..and have a cold drink!…i have some news to announce here you go: *Jeff Rowe* Jeff is on tour in europe right now!!!…he brought his brand new 7inch EP with him..for those who haven’t seen him [...]

*News March 2011*

Hallo Everyone, ..just returned from a week with dan webb and the spiders….great live band and awesome people ..they will be touring for another 1,5 weeks through europe make sure you won’t miss out!…here’re the news for march 2011: *The World/Inferno Friendship Society* …the tour is confirmed for July/August 2011. a new record is out! [...]

*News 02.02.2011*

Hallo Everyone, ..welcome to my first newsletter 2011…it happened a lot in the last time… *The World/Inferno Friendship Society* …the tour is confirmed for July/August 2011. a new record is in the works street date is the 12.march. gunner records will do the cd version of that release and will have the chunksaah vinyl for [...]

*News 04.01.2011*

i added some new dates in the tour section…and put up world/Inferno and riot before… in the artist section i put up new videos for all the artists now….check it out..there is some nice stuff waiting … soon i’ll put up the new artist profils for out new members of the gunner records family: dan [...]

*News December 2010*

Hallo Everyone, got cold quick…and it’s the time to sit at the warm home listening to good music!!! here’ s the news for december 2010… *Gunner Records* sorry for those who had to wait for so long….the riot before – rebellion silkscreen edition is finally available in the shop…the silkscreen edition is other than [...]

*Gunner Records News October 2010*

Hallo Everyone, here’ s the news for october 2010… *Gunner Records* shop is doing great…you’ll find it at: it’s still in the works, but most of the catalog is in there now… the first special silk screen editions are sold there (..and only there!): 1. Jeff Rowe – Barstool Conversations LP (lim. handnumbered 100 [...]

*Gunner Records News September 2010*

Hallo Everyone, here’ re the news for september 2010… *Gunner Records* finally my shop is online…you’ll find it at: i’m still working on it, but the first special silk screen edition is sold there…just check it out….more stuff to come… *Jeff Rowe* “barstool conversations” is officially out till last friday the first great reviews [...]

*Gunner Records News June 2010*

Hallo Everyone, AAAAh…sun is shining again…the mood is good…here are the latest Gunner Records news: The Blacklist Royals: Their Album Semper Liberi will be out on the 25th of june!!!!!….the album is awesome, great punk’n roll with a piano….if you like gaslight anthem, social distortion, … bands like that you’ll love the blacklist royals!..this is [...]

Tour update

i just updated the tour dates …watch out for updates…

*Jeff Rowe – European Tour 2011*

presented by Ox, Livegigs, Burn Your Ears, Medicine Metal …if you’re interested in putting up a show for him feel free to contact me!!! 05.05.2011 Würzburg, Immerhin 06.05.2011 Heidelberg, Cafe Gegendruck 07.05.2011 Regensburg, Das Büro 08.05.2011 Landshut – Schwarzer Hahn 09.05.2011 At-Wien, Schloss Concordia 10.05.2011 München, Trambahnhäusel 11.05.2011 Karlsruhe, Zwiebel 12.05.2011 Braunschweig, Nexus 13.05.2011 Erfurt, [...]

Cobra Skulls, Landmines & more

Hallo Everyone, here are the latest Gunner Records news: Cobra Skulls: The Tour starts TODAY!!!!…don’t miss them it’s a great live band!!! Cobra Skulls – European Tour 2010 12.05.2010    Mannheim, Juz 13.05.2010    München, Cafe Marat 14.05.2010    A-Wien, Arena 15.05.2010    I-Milan, TNT Club 16.05.2010    I-Lucca, Bruton 17.05.2010    I-Bologna, Lazaretto 18.05.2010    E-Donosti, Mogambos 19.05.2010    E-Madrid, Wurlitzer Ballroom [...]

Blacklist Royals CDs, Ninja Gun & more

The Blacklist Royals CD arrived and the first testpress on vinyl too…but we had to do some minor changes on that testpress…i hope i’ll get the new testpresses soon….the official releasedate will be the 25th of june… Ninja Gun will be touring with Leatherface in the USA…they are great guys…don’t miss them…. Landmines will be [...]

Hello website

i’m glad to present the new website…it’s till under construction…but at least there is a little to see now…. i have some news as well… Ninja Gun and Auxes both ended there Europe tour…both bands did well and had a good time…watch out for their next european tour!!! so did crazy arm and frank turner….crazy [...]

New releases

CD + LP of Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes arrived, the vinyl colour is beautiful…but even though it looks like bubble gum, don’t eat it! colour is marbled yellow with red splatter CD + LP of Crazy Arm – Born To Ruin arrived as well, the vinyl is red with black splatter….and believe me really [...]

We have a website!

This is it… it’s still under construction…but it gives you something to look at for now