Get Dead – Tall Cans And Loose Ends CD/LP+MP3

8,90 35,00 

GET DEAD is an electric/acoustic punkrock band, forged in San Francisco, CA in 2007. Brought together by their appeal for punk infused rock and roll riffs, joy of acoustic impurities and desire to keep it simple. They continue to play local Bay Area shows and tour the West Coast. They’ve done 2 Eastern European tours during Spring 2012 and Summer 2013 and most recently finished a Winter 2013 Fat Tour with Less Than Jake/Anti-Flag and Masked Intruder. Next is their return to Eastern Europe for a 5 week tour in Spring for the month of May 2014. They acknowledge their good fortune to have played in support of bands large and small, popular and unpopular. With the momentum and ferocity of an elephant shot with phencyclidine they continue to bring their debaucherous electric and acoustic punkrock to all towns, events, venues and fans that will tolerate them, baptize them in beer and indulge in after hours dance parties with maximum bubbles.

CD, red Vinyl incl. Download (400 Copies), handnumbered Silk Screen Cover clear Vinyl incl. Download (100 Copies), black Vinyl incl. Download (500 copies)