Zeki Min


Son to a South-Korean mother and a Turkish father born in Bremen/Germany in summer 1981. “Zeki” is
Turkish and “Min” is Korean, so Zeki Min is his actual first name.
Though he has loved music as long as he can remember, concerning playing it, he is a late-bloomer and only
picked up the guitar at the age of 21. It was electric, it was loud, it was perfect! That was in summer 2002.
From then on, he played in some bands from punk to rock to folk, and picked up the acoustic guitar more
and more. At least this was the guitar he used to write all his songs on. In 2014 he started playing under his
very own name, ZEKI MIN.
Early 2014 he teamed up with Rich Millin (drums) and Christoph ‘Hadl’ Hassel (bass) to record his debut
‘MAJESTIC’. Most of the 11 songs are recorded with a full band completely live, even the vocals. And he can
be damn happy with the outcome! ‘MAJESTIC’ is out on Gunner Records, one of the finest German labels
for alternative music.
He pretty much plays all year round as he just loves to be on the road. His first solo tour took him to Russia
for 11 days, and it was amazing!
In his songs he always tells little stories that will catch you and create a unique atmosphere. The everpresent
struggle of growing old without growing up is something everyone can relate to. You’ll find yourself
laughing and crying at the same time to his melancholic tunes. His music goes from slow and very quiet to
fast and screaming loud. It’s very dynamic but always alternating with the plot of the story that is just being
told. Be sure to catch him live, ZEKI MIN is a great experience you’ll never forget.



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