The Riot Before


Evolution is a natural process that can neither be forced nor contrived, but can be accellerated by constant pressure and motion. Since their inception a few short years ago, The Riot Before have kept their burners on high, maintaining a perpetual drive that propelled them almost overnight from obscurity to legendary road warrior status. From their humble, guileless beginnings, they’ve rapidly matured into an experienced and irrefutable force. After the virulent success of 2008’s Fists Buried in Pockets, they immediately set to work forging a new record. With the help of Gunner Records in Europe and Paper + Plastick’s in USA seemingly infinite underworld connections, the planets aligned during a full moon and they found themselves locked away in the ivory tower known as The Magpie Cage alongside fabled production wizard J Robbins (Jawbreaker, Against Me!, The Promise Ring). Together, they cast and fired their finest work to date, a sprawling composite that fuses the band’s driving, melodic anthems with Robbins’ dissonant, angular production. The resulting opus stands as a genre-defying testament to musical progression, as each song draws clear and differing influences while maintaining a cohesive texture throughout the course of the record.

Hometown: Richmond, VA. Birthplace of the Confederacy and home to a thriving punk scene that has given birth to a score of legendary bands including AVAIL, STRIKE ANYWHERE, INQUISITION, ANN BERETTA, and MUNICIPAL WASTE.

Tour History: No strangers to the road, The Riot Before have embarked on over a dozen official tours and countless shorter jaunts, including recent excursions with A WILHELM SCREAM, CHEAP GIRLS, and LEATHERFACE.

Day Jobs: Every member of The Riot Before works in a kitchen, which makes them the best cooks in punk rock. Heads up – these guys are a good band to let stay at your house. They will make breakfast, and it will be awesome.

Future Plans: 2010 will find The Riot Before conquering the road as they always have, including tentative plans to hit Europe again before the year’s end between performances at this year’s Rad Fest and The Fest 9. As with most bands, they’re always on the hunt for someone to take them to more exotic locales, so interested parties – please get in touch.

Early Praise for Rebellion: “Richmond, Virginia’s the Riot Before have many winning attributes, but perhaps their strongest one lies in their unflinching ability to convey every sound they make straight from the heart. With a slightly folkish edge occassionally sneaking in, the band’s brand of punk is both catchy and raw, sounding like the Gaslight Anthem and Small Brown Bike jamming in a tiny room. Rebellion’s melodies are powerfully moving, and whether the band are throwing everything they have at you (as with the gorgeous harmonies of “Backstage Room”) or showing restraint to help expose the grace and beauty beneath the surface (“What I’ve Missed”), they nail you every time. With all this bolstered by thought- provoking lyrics and their sheer relentless exuberance, the Riot Before really have come



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