Cobra Skulls


Vocals / Bass: Devin Peralta

Guitar / Vocals: Adam Beck

Drums / Vocals: Chad Cleveland


Cobra Skulls started saving the world from popular music in the basement of their house in Reno, Nevada, U.S.A back in 2005. The trio, good friends with common taste in classic punk rock, including individual tastes ranging from ska, to country, felt compelled to remind people that real bands still exist in an industry dominated by image and propaganda. Hey, that’s what good punk music has been about from the start!

After playing hundreds of shows at bars, basements, coffee shops, theatres, nose-bleeders, halls, stalls, and no shopping malls, Cobra Skulls finally got serious and recorded their first full-length album Sitting Army, released in the U.S. under U.S. label Red Scare and in Europe under Gunner Records. It appeared in the top 10 lists of 2007 for many modern day punk rockers like Tom Gabel of Against Me! and Brendan Kelly of The Lawrence Arms. Here’s what some reviews said about the debut full-length Sitting Army:

“…the lyrics really are a cut 
above the rest, well thought out, political without 
being sloganeering with topics including urban sprawl,
 religion, the punk scene and of course the war,
 amongst other things. This album’s awesome.” -Maximum Rock & Roll

“Cobra Skulls feature a heavy dose of pop-punk in both their love of great melodies and rhyme schemes that make their songs ridiculously bouncy and fun. Additionally, some of Devin’s lyrics seem to be written by the ghost of the undead Jello Biafra.”

“It’s not just standard punk fare here. Charming the Cobra has a cool dub vibe. I’ll Always Be a Cobra Skull sounds like Johnny Cash on meth. –Razorcake Magazine

Since the release of Sitting Army last year, Cobra Skulls have been across the U.S. on tours with Against Me!, The World/Inferno Friendship Society, The Mad Caddies, The Loved Ones, and The Flatliners. Alternative Press included CS in their list of “100 Bands You Need To Know” for 2008.

2009 their second album “American Rubicon” came out. And they continued their way and played their music in the hearts of many people.

Cobra Skulls toured Europe twice already in 2008 and 2009…and it doesn’t look like you can stop these guys. If you are wondering what to expect at a CS show here’s what said about their performance at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood, CA when they played with The Loved Ones in March:

“The current depth of Los Angeles’ swelling music scene makes it easy to glaze over most visiting underground acts charging through on one night stands. But every now and then, a band rides in, guns blazing, and kills an entire show before a Friday night even has a chance to get started. Such is the case for the Cobra Skulls…”