Wolf Face

Still Golden, is a tight, boozy punk-blast full of raised-fist singalongs. The album’s 11 blistering tracks continue the narrative established on Wolf-Face’s critically lauded 2013 full-length—namely, the lupine life and times of frontman Michael J. Wolf, who claims Hollywood stole his life story for the plot of the 1985 blockbuster film Teen Wolf. The new record builds on Michael J.’s story, setting themes of superiority realized and eternal youth against rollicking, hooky riffs and mammoth hooks.

“I’m almost an adult now and these songs are my final chance to directly draw from my experiences then and now as a misunderstood teenage werewolf,” says Michael J. of Still Golden’s lyrical bent. “Despite my superior intellect, physique and songwriting capabilities, I have learned to remain a humble hero to my adoring fans around the world and give them something they can relate to despite their mortal inferiority. I have finally come to terms with my powers and abilities and no one will ever take that from me. As I say in the album’s title track, ‘No matter what happens, they love me and I’m still golden.’”

It’s not just Michael J. that’s advanced over the last few years of split 7” records, singles and vinyl releases. The music has evolved, too. The group’s rowdy punk ‘n’ roll is still thankfully intact, as evidenced by stompers like “Howl Alone,” “Dog Whistle” and “No Need to Thank Me”. But there’s some welcome new style here. Fans will notice a bit of expansion with the deceptively mellow title track and that new sonic exploration shows up in other tracks on Still Golden in the form of catchier arrangements, strummy dive-bar singalongs and more. “Born on a Blood Moon” recalls the iconic, fractured college-rock sounds of icons like the Pixies without sacrificing heft; the vaguely Celtic “Werewolf and Whiskey Blood” is sure to be a beer-lifting favorite live; and the band’s penchant for unique cover choices continues too, in the form of an aptly toothsome version of possibly the greatest Mumford & Sons song, “The Wolf.”

Composed of Michael J., The Good Wolf, Rain-Wolf and Wolf-Fart, Wolf-Face formed as a cathartic howling of Michael J.’s frustrations over having his story co-opted on celluloid, and has had festival, club and dive-bar audiences foaming at the mouth ever since.

1) Still Golden
2) With or Without Boof
3) Howl Alone
4) Dog Whistle
5) Owen is a Dracula
6) Born on a Blood Moon
7) All Dogs Go to Hell
8) Werewolf and Whiskey Blood
9) The Wolf
10) No Need to Thank Me
11) Keep Your Chin Up Little Pup

Super fancy gold foil stamped covers (did we mention how super and fancy these were?)

Co-released with Adam Say-10 Records (because his label rules!)

/100 on Blood Moon Vinyl (Red/Orange A side B side)
/400 on Holy Dog Bone white


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