Tiny Voices

“I lost hope, I know” claims “Erosion”‘s introduction.
However, with their first album as Tiny Voices the five members of the
band from Angers, France, formerly know as Wank For Peace (two albums,
500 shows throughout Europe and United States between 2008 and 2016 and
a brief comeback in 2019) bring a glimpse of hope. After three years of
a noticable absence, caught up by the bond between them, Tiny Voices
show up with ten songs that become instantly essential.
Sing alongs meant to be yelled at shows, inevitable melodies, heartfelt
vocals and lyrics that express a sincere, necessary and contemporary
political vision of a personal and collective commitment. Erosion is
everything that made Wank For Peace’s strength, topped with the surplus
of wisdom that life and everyday’s struggle can bring. In those ten
tracks Tiny Voices no longer run on the naive hope of their former band.
It revives something we thought was lost, more realistic, more accurate,
without compromise, in order to build something better. “Fuck hope,
we’ll carry on” confirm Tiny Voices.
– J.M