Vocals: Zach Quinn

Guitar/Vocals: Brian Pretus

Bass/Vocals: Alex Talbot

Drums: John Bourgois

“I cannot remember on any given night why or how I got here, or where we are going. I only know that I feel as though each night we have been dropped into the final moments before an inevitably elusive death. My only consolation is that with each night spent toiling over fervent pleas, we inch closer to the blissful oblivion. We are PEARS. Please let us go.”

At only 8 months old, PEARS is New Orleans’s newest punk band, and they have come from deep within the voodoo juju Gris Gris swamps of the French quarter to give you fleas/scabies/bedbugs. Their mixture of hardcore riffs, pop-punk melodies, and sludgy breaks creates a sound that belongs to them, only them, shut up. Da pears will release the critically acclaimed “Go To Prison” in Feb. 2015 ,coming soon to Europe via Gunner records, AND now they are on forever tour to support the album! So get ready, and bring them some birthday cake!



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