Frachter make music that – if it has to be – is best categorized as ’emopunk’. The Weimar trio combines DIY spirit, critical theory and hinterland corner pub, skatepunk scrub, breakdown thunderstorm and indie ballad, pleasing melodic play, idiosyncratic lyrics and the courage to disharmony. After a thousand and one sweaty nights in the youth centers of Germany, Aaron [guitar, vocals], Dome [bass] and Philipp [drums] send themselves in February 2023 to release their first album “Bad Sterben”.
Frachter are newcomers with a history. When the band – initially still under a different name – plays its first concerts, its members are still going to school. After a few years of preliminary skirmishing, the acquisition of drummer Philipp and the renaming, the EP “Bluthen” is released in April 2019. Frachter play in steadily increasing frequency dozens of stages throughout Germany [including the “Rock am Berg” festival in Merkers, the Wabe in Berlin and the Werk2 in Leipzig], establish quite a few contacts in the active scene. Their debut album “Bad Sterben” will be released on February 17, 2023 – on many levels the best proof of their organic professionalization. On eleven play stations Frachter unfold here a new level of creative expression, artistic breadth and technical effet.
You can hear on the record that the trio has been making music together for years, that they have grown up, taken their time, learned to point. “Bad Sterben” convinces with its powerful three-dimensional sound, catchy melodies and a stringent-filling mix. Frachter’s highly complex-dominant drumming full of unexpected breaks is – similar to the emotional-pressureful vocal parts – not new, but noticeably more sophisticated. At the same time, “Bad Sterben” lives from the songwriting, the fine formulations, the exciting wordplay – and new creations à la “Was nicht passt, wird passend gemacht”. Without renouncing the humorous note, longing sprouts from every lyric, despite targeted references to the great writers of earlier generations, no line sounds like a copy.
In terms of content, “Bad Sterben” resembles an undogmatic pamphlet, formulated by three people who – not least of all by themselves – are “disappointed beyond measure”. Especially focus pieces like “Schnauzbert”, “Graf Zahl” or “Homo Faber” are caricature-like swansongs to small-minded thought patterns, but at the same time always status reports from the inside of an avalanche sailing down the mountain at the speed of light.


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