For Reasons Of State – On A Bus Leaving Tirana CD/LP+MP3

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Robert – Guitar & Vocals (ex The Ghoulies) Kåre – Drums (Planet Trash) Erik Linck – Bass (ex Dead Generation) For Reasons Of State is a Swedish rock band trio headed by former The Ghoulies member, Robert Svensson. The band formed 2008 and hailing from Stockholm, For Reasons Of State has previously released one full length album and two EPs. Sometimes interconnected, the band lyrics mostly evolves around the subjects of politics and love. 2012 will see the release of their second full length album, On A Bus Leaving Tirana. Great Record with Rock Anthems you have waited for…these songs will stuck in your ears forever! Finest Political Rock/Punk from Stockholm/Sweden

CD, red Vinyl incl. Download (400 copies), clear Vinyl incl. Download (100 copies)