Elway – For The Sake Of The Bit CD/LP

11,90 18,00 

The last Elway album came out without much fanfare, the band did a short tour with Propagandhi, and then they called it a year. Strangely, in spite of a lack of recognition from the important internet tastemakers, it went on to be their best-received effort to date. The band did LESS stuff… and got more popular? Yes, it even confused us omniscient music geniuses at Red Scare Industries. So now the Colorado quartet is back with another self-produced album and this time it takes aim at the critics, naysayers, and scenester shit-talkers. They’re calling the record “For The Sake Of The Bit”. Hmmm. It’s raw-sounding, defiant, a bit snarky, and the band is actually gonna get off their ass this time for some festivals and a tour with Dead To Me. With some new tunes and a little elbow grease, Elway might finally get acknowledged by the greats at Pitchfork and NPR. Haha, JK, those guys can still suck it