Joe Vickers – Notes For The Wood Burning Stove

Punk Troubadour Joe Vickers from Edmonton/Canada plays Punk/Folk in the Vein of Erik Petersen (Mischief Brew). This is his brandnew Album and he continues being a great Singer / Songwriter and performer..

LP incl. Download (100 clear Viynl, 400 red Vinyl)

Tied To A Bear – True Places

Next Super Group playing melodic Punk mixed with Hardcore! feat. Jeff Rowe and members of Landmines and Choke Up.. this is everything in one Band.. from Boston/USA!


GnR 151 CD, LP+Download (400 red vinyl, 100 clear vinyl)

Arterials – Constructive Summer

Ex No Weather Talks, Ex-Tackleberry, Ex-Just Went Black…., Hardcore Punk mixed with 90s Indy at it’s best..from Hamburg, Germany!


GnR 150 CD, LP+Download (400 red + 100 clear Vinyl)

The Shell Corporation – Fucked

Bamm!! New Album by this band from LA/USA. After all these Years they’re back as if they were always here! Bad Religion Style melodic , political Punk Rock..Awesome!

GnR 149 LP+Download (400 red + 100 clear Vinyl)

Bundles – Deaf Dogs

Garagy Punk Rock from Boston/USA with a strong Singer that reminds you of old Against Me! playing Garage Punk..

GnR 148 LP+Download

Sciatic Nerve – s/t

Punk Rock Supergroup from Santa Rosa/USA. That sounds a lot like 80s, 90s Hardcore Punk!..feat. Members of Nothington, Cobra Skulls, Western Addiction..

GnR 147 LP+Download

Russian Girlfriends – All Around

This is another undescribable Release! This Band from Albuquerque/USA plays a unique Sound that features melodic Punk Rock, Classic Rock, Indie Rock, Hardcore, Metal..they have it all.. Check It Out!

GnR 147/148 CD, LP+Download

Brutal Youth – Sanguine

2nd Album from this Band from Toronto/Canada. Fast Melodic Hardcore that reminds of Kid Dynamite..Awesome!

GnR 146 Lp+Download

Good Friend – Ride The Storm

Rock influenced Punk.. can’t really compare to anything..this is a unique sound with the greatest moments of Rock and Punk! originally from Belfast/Northern Ireland..

GnR 145 Lp+Download

CD available through Red Scare Records

Affenmesserkampf – Clowns In Wut

Finest Deutschpunk feat. Hannes from Die Bullen and Tackleberry from Kiel, Germany. there is nothing like it..

GnR 143/144 CD, LP+Download

Worst Days Down – Elsewhere

Melodic Punk Rock that sounds like Avail plays “Sink Or Swim”. Great Band from Edmonton/Canada that sarted as Ben Sir  solo and grew into a band!

GnR 141/142 CD, LP+Download

Mobina Galore – Feeling Disconnected

I’m Blown Away!.. 2nd Album: pure, emotional Punk Rock written and played with Love and Abundanceof High Energy. This All Female Two Piece consists of Guitar and Drums and Both Sing. Master Piece from Winniepeg/Canada.

GnR 139/140 CD, LP+Download

Scheissediebullen – Anwohner Raus!

90s Deutschpunk from Freiburg/Germany. These Guys really have something to say..great political lyrics fast Punk Rock. 2nd Press called Anwohnerinnen Raus and has a different Cover (this)

GnR 137/138 CD, LP+Download

Owls By Nature – The Great Divide

3rd Record By OBN from Edmonton, Canada and they move forward with their Sound. This is a straight up Rock Record with Punk moments in it.. Hits Hits Hits!!

GnR 137/138 CD, LP+Download

Joe McMahon – Another Life

Fantastic Solo Debut by Joe McMahon (Frontman of Smoke Or Fire). Great Rock Songs That Blow Your Mind.

GnR 135/136 CD, LP+Download

Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves – The Cross And The Switchblade

2nd Album by 4xWolves from Salem/USA. Post Punk, Hardcore, Rock at it’s finest..reminds of Hot Water Music mixed with Samiam and Get Up Kids.

GnR 133/134 CD, LP+Download

MakeWar – Developing A Theory Of Integrity

2nd Album by MakeWar. Straight Up Melodic Punk Rock from Brooklyn/NY/USA. This Is The Soundtrack Of The Summer!

GnR132 LP+Download

CD available through Red Scare Records!

Arliss Nancy – Greater Divides

Arliss_Nancy-Greater_Divides-Cover3rd Record by everybodys Darlings Arliss Nancy!..Arliss Nancy is keeping it true to themself, great Americana influenced Rock with Corrys and GBs fantastic raspy voices..awesome songs!awesome record!

GnR130/131 CD, LP + Download

Jared Hart – Past Lives And Passed Lines

Jared_Hart_Cover Jared Hart Singer of The Scandals presents his Solo Album! This Is great Singer / Songwriter Stuff. more like Billy Bragg and Dave Haus..fantastic songs that cut like a guillotine from New Jersey/USA

GnR 128/129 CD, LP + Download

My Life In Black And White – Columbia

MLIBW_COLUMBIA_booklet_1_4.inddMelodic Punk Rock with a folky Edge! ..great Melodies, great Singalongs can’t stop listening to this!..think of the best of bands like Get Dead, Gaslight Anthem, Hot Water Music, etc. all wrapped up into this fantastic band from Portland/USA!

GnR 125/126 CD, LP + Download

Cold Cold Hearts – Heartware

Cold_Cold_Hearts-Heartware-CD_Booklet.inddCold Cold Hearts play a mix of Rock, Alternative, Hardcore, Punk, Folk, Metal…you name it..reminds of Foo Fighters mixed with Placebo, As Friends Rust and Samiam. Great stuff from Saarland/Germany. feat. members of: Jupiter Jones, Nothing in Common, Incoming Heat und Radio 54

GnR123 / 124 CD. LP, Download

Zeki Min – Shiner

digi_6s_tray-mitte_ohne-schlitz_NP0035.inddZeki Min presents his 2nd Solo Record. This Time he gets accompanied by cello, drums, violin.. Beautiful Indie Folk Pop from Bremen, Germany

GnR122 CD, Download

Redensart – Am Ende War Nicht Alles Schlecht E.P.

redensart_aewnas_8_Seiten_AUSGESCHOSSEN.inddThis is classic Indie Pop with german Lyrics, that can’t be made better. 4 songs that stand on their own.. good stuff from these 4 guys from Freiburg/Germany.

GnR121 4 Track CD E.P.

Aalkreih – Watt Schasst Mooken

aalkrei_wat_schasst_mooken_rgbPlattdeutscher Country/Folk from Flensburg with members of: Hallo Kwitten, El Fupa, Bosco, Akira, Angstzustand, Power Trio, Faint Stout. Known from Radio, Festivals and TV..this is great stuff and fun to listen and watch..

GnR 120 CD

John Allen – Orphan Keys

John_Allen-Orphan_Keys-CD_Booklet.inddThis is a great new bunch of songs by John Allen. This time it’s him and a piano playing 6 own songs and 2 covers..this is very personal und beautiful…great new stuff that will help you to wait for the 2nd album by this great singer/songwriter from Hamburg/Germany.

GnR118/119 CD, LP incl. Download (100 clear Vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Get Dead – Tall Cans And Loose Ends

Get_Dead_CD_Booklet.inddAcoustic Folk Punk that reminds of early Against Me! …awesome record by these guys from San Francisco/USA..this is the Debut ReRelease. New Material will be out on Fat Wreck!

GnR 116/117 CD, LP incl. Download (100 clear Vinyl, 400 red Vinyl)

The Scandals – Sound Of Your Stereo

Scandals_sound of your stereoThis is The Debut Record from 2010 from The Scandals from New Jersey. This is raw Streetpunk with hardcore influences. great stuff..think of rancid mixed with agnostic front and the gaslight anthem and you’ll get this..

GnR 114/115 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Red City Radio – s/t

RCR_CD_Booklet.inddRed City Radio keep on moving forward. Brandnew Album full of great melodies and sing alongs…the best band in melodic punk rock there is at the moment…you can’t get by oklahomas finest!

GnR 112/113 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl, 500 yellow vinyl)

Mobina Galore – Cities Away

Mobina_Galore-Cities_Away-CoverI’m Blown Away! The album is pure, emotional, punk rock written and played with love and an abundance of high energy. This All Female Band consists just out of 2 people! playing guitar and drums and both sing. Debut=Masterpiece from Winniepeg/Canada.

GnR 110/111 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

No Weather Talks – Undoing Defeat

No_Weather_Talks-Undoing_Defeat_CoverDebut Album by this female fronted Post Punk Sensation. full of Awesome Post Punk, Wave, Pop mix from Hamburg, Kiel/Germany. feat. members of Just Went Black,  Matula, Tackleberry, Juri Gagarin, Talk Radio Talk. MUST HAVE!

GnR 108/109 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Red City Radio – Chronic Dookie

Red_City_Radio-Chronic_Dookie_7inch_CoverI’m blown away..This Band keeps on writing better and better songs..2 new tracks that follow easily their last record “Titles” ..this is so good you can’t get by..Oklahoma City’ s Finest Strike Again!

GnR 107 7inch incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl (only available through GnR Singles Club), 400 black vinyl)

*Wolves & Wolves & Wolves & Wolves – Subtle Serpents*

4xwolves - subtle serpents - coverFantastic Punk/Indie/Rock/Post Punk/Hardcore Mix. That will catch you right away reminds me of Samiam meets Avail meets Hot Water Music meets Get Up Kids…from Winston Salem/USA.

GnR 105/106 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Dan Webb And The Spiders – Perfect Problem

Dan_Webb-Prefect_Problem-CoverThird Record by everybodys Darling Dan Webb And The Spiders from Boston/USA. Production more clear on this one..Catchy Indie, Pop, Punk, Rock that will blow you away! Recorded by Steve Albini

GnR 103/104 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Brutal Youth – Stay Honest

Brutal_Youth-Stay_Honest-Cover2nd Album from Brutal Youth out of Toronto/Canada. Perfect Blend of fast Hardcore and Melodic Punk that will infect you right away! Reminds Bands like Kid Dynamite and Avail.. AWESOME!

GnR 101/102 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

Pears – Go To Prison

Pears_CD_Booklet.inddDebut Album by this band from New Orleans/USA. it’s hard to find words..the best Hardcore Punk you can imagine..raging hardcore meets poppy melodic punk meets hardcore meets punk meets…unbelievable!

GnR 99/100 CD, LP incl. Downloadcode (100 white vinyl, 400 clear vinyl)

*Owls By Nature – The Forgotten And The Brave*

OBN-TFATB-Layout-PRODUCTIONSecond Album by this extraordinary band from Edmonton, Canada. more rock, less country for this one..but still ians incredible voice, full of great melodies.. i love it!

GnR 97/98 CD, LP incl. Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

*John Allen – Sophomore*

John_Allen_CD_Booklet.inddAwesome Singer/Songwriter, Folk Rock from Hamburg, Germany. Feat. Guests on this recording like Frank Turner, Rick Steff, and many more.. If you like Frank Turner, Chuck Ragan, Brian Fallon, etc. you can’t get by this..

GnR 95/96 Cd, LP incl Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)


*The Shell Corporation – Mandrake*

coverFantastic new melodic Punk Band from Los Angeles/USA. Bad Religion mixed with early Against Me! and the Menzingers. Let them blow you away!

GnR 93/94 CD, LP incl. Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 red vinyl)

*Zeki Min – Majestic *

coverZeki Min is playing great Indie Folk Music. Zeki fronted the Driftwood Fairytales and puts the tunes now  solo on stage and vinyl. Great stuff from Bremen/Germany.

GnR 92 LP incl. Download (500 black vinyl)

*Auxes – Boys In My Head LP*

LP Cover.inddThis might be the album of the year! This is the brandnew Auxes and they get better with every new record, even thoough you think it can’t get better! Great mix of Wipers, Hot Snakes, Obits with Punk, Rock and Noise. feat. Memebers of Milemarker, Eniac, Honigbomber aus Hamburg/Germany.

GnR 91 LP incl Download (500 black vinyl)

*No Weather Talks – Disintegrator 7″*

coverBest New female fronted Post Punk Sensation of Today! 2nd 7inch full of Awesome Post Punk, Wave, Pop mix from Hamburg, Kiel/Germany. feat. members of Just Went Black,  Matula, Tackleberry, Juri Gagarin, Talk Radio Talk. MUST HAVE!

GnR 90 7inch  incl Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 black vinyl)

*Perdition – … The Persuite of Sexiness 7″*

Perdition_7inch_Cover.indd 2 More Songs by this great melodic Punk band from Texas/USA. Red City Radio, Hot Water Music & Leatherface mixed up and some metal added..AWESOME!

GnR 89 7inch incl. Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 black vinyl)

*Bug Attack – 2nd 7″*

Bug_Attack_7inch_Cover.inddGreat 2 nd Strike by this One Man Band Monster! New Tunes that are as Punk, Garage and Trash as it could be from Rendsburg/Germany. Incl. Helicopter Angriff = Hit!

GnR 88 7inch incl. Download

*Dark Country – S/T*

DarkCountry_11183 [Converted]Fantastic 70s/80s Metal that reminds of Black sabbath on Speed with Motörhead and Iron Maiden mixed with Punk Rock from Portland/USA! Great Stuff!!!

GnR 87

CD, LP incl Download (400 red Vinyl, 100 clear Vinyl)

*The Scandals – Time Machines*

12 Jacket (3mm Spine) [GDOB-30H3-007} Great Melodic Punk Band that sounds like  Gaslight Anthem mixed with Rancid and  90s Hardcore ! from New Jersey/USA

GnR 84/85

CD,LP incl. Download (400 limited clear red vinyl, 100 limited clear vinyl handnumbered )

*Die Bullen – Komm Hier Komm Die Bullen*

DieBullen_CoverDie Bullen Komm Hier Komm Die Bullen sagt eigentlich schon alles! Deutsch Punk Masterpiece mit Schlagstock aus Kiel/Germany!

GnR 82/83

CD, LP incl. Download (400 blueVinyl, 100 limited handnumbered green vinyl)

*Aalkreih – Eensom*

aalkreih_cover_pappschuber“Wenn plattdütsche Punks melancholisch fang se noch lang nicht an to weenen!” So een ganz interresante Mischung ut Country, Folk und Rock ist dor bi nu rut koben ut Flensburg/Germany.

GnR 81


*The Sky We Scrape – Divides*

The_Sky_We_Scrape_CD_Booklet.inddAwesome Melodic Post Hardcore for Fans of Polar Bear Club, As Friends Rust, Rise Against fromChicago/USA.

GnR 78/79

CD, LP incl. Download (400 red Vinyl, 100 limited handnumbered clear vinyl)

*Red City Radio – Titles*

Red_City_Radio-Titles_Cover_300dpi_RGBUnbelievable 2013 Release of this awesome band. With this Album they are definitly one of the best melodic Punk Rock Bands out there. Best Harmonies, Raw Voice, great Melodies…from Oklahoma City/USA!

GnR 76/77

CD, LP incl. Download (400 red vinyl, 100 clear vinyl handnumbered silkscreen cover)

*Arliss Nancy – Wild American Runners*

Arliss_Nancy_Wild_American_Runners_LP_Sleeve.indd2nd Strike of this great Rock Group! For Fans of Lucero, Gaslight Anthem and Two Cow Garage. From Fort Collins/USA

GnR 74/75

CD, LP incl. Download (400 red vinyl, 100 handnumbered silkscreen ones on clear vinyl)

*Massenger – s/t*

Massenger Cover Great female fronted Garage Rock/Pop that reminds of X, The Nerves or The Oh Sees from Ventura/USA.

GnR 73

DigiPack CD

*TenVoltShock – Strasbourgh*

TenVoltShock_FrontCover_300dpi_120mmx120mm_RGB(1)Fantastic Noise Rock, that can easily take it up with the big names such as Shellac or Metz mixed with infuences from Hot Snakes etc. from Freiburg/Germany.

GnR 72

LP incl. Download (100 clear Vinyl + 400 black Vinyl) Silkscreen Covers (lim. to 500 copies)

*Sushi Boy – Why Not?*

sushi_boy_7inch_front_smallAwesome melodic Punk Rock, think of all your favourite 80s – 90s’ll find them all in here..feat members of Low Budgets, Suburban Scumbags from Kiel, Germany.

GnR 71

7inch incl Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 black vinyl) Download incl 2 Bonussongs!!


*Owls By Nature – Everything Is Hunted*

Owls By Nature - Everything Is Huntedthis could be THE Album 2013.Americana, Folk, Country, Indie, Punk, Rock name it! great Whiskey-fueled Folk Rock anthems for people who like to party
from Edmonton/Canada.

GnR 69/70

CD, LP incl Download

*Dan Webb And The Spiders – Epic Fail*

Dan Webb And The Spiders - Epic Fail 4 Brand New Punk/Garage Hits from this awesome Band From Boston/USA. Only Hits!

GnR 68

7inch incl Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 black vinyl)

*Perdition – Hispaniola*

Perdition - Hispaniola Killer Debut Album! This Melodic Punk how it should be, little hints of metal, hardcore here and there and lot of great melodies and harmonies and PUNK,.. for fans of Red City Radio, Hot Water Music & Leatherface from Texas/USA

GnR 66/67

CD, LP incl Download

*Mischief Brew – Free Radical Radio Fever*

Mischief Brew - Free Radical fantastic new Mischief Brew 7inch! Great Folk/Anarcho- Punk /Singer Songwriter /Carnivalsque Songs from the Pioneer of Punks playing without bands. from Philadelphia/USA.

GnR 65

7inch incl. Downloadcode (1 Bonus Song (download) 100 red vinyl, 400 black vinyl)

*No Weather Talks – More Passion Less Paycheck*

Great New Female Fronted Punk/Wave/Pop Band from Hamburg/Germany. Fantastic Melodies presented by Members of Just Went Black, Matula, Tackleberry, Juri Gagarin and Talk Radio Talk!

GnR 64

7inch incl Download (100 clear vinyl, 400 black vinyl)

*Blacklist Royals – Graveyard Shifts*

Some Rare new Stuff from Nashvilles Blacklist Royals great songs between Social Distortion, Gaslight Anthem and old good Hardcore/Punk from the 80s…

GnR 62/63

CD, LP incl Download

*Jeff Rowe – Bridges / Divides*

Jeff Rowe’s 2nd full length is finally out!..this is great singer/songwriter stuff mixed with some songs with a full band…this album is a little faster, happier than the the 1st one….definitly awesome..check it out! ..from Boston/USA.

GnR 60/61

CD, LP incl. Download

*Ann Beretta – Young, Wild, And Free*

this is a compilation of rare stuff and 8 unreleased songs feat. detached sound session2012, three chord revolution 2002/3 new union..old glory 2001, burning bridges E.P. 1999 and nobody’s heroes E.P. 1997 from this great Punk/Hardcore Band from Richmond/USA

GnR 58/59

CD, LP incl. Download

*Arliss Nancy – Simple Machines*

this is the greates mix of americana, rock, punk..everything you want to in here…reminds of a mixed version of lucero, gaslight anthem, hold steady, two cow garage…from fort collins/colorado/USA it can’t really get better than this!

GnR 56/57

CD, LP incl. Download

*For Reasons Of State – On A Bus Leaving Tirana*

Great Record with Rock Anthems you have waited for…these songs will stuck in your ears forever! Finest Political Rock/Punk from Stockholm/Sweden

GnR 54/55

CD, LP incl. Download

*Red City Radio – To The Sons And Daughters Of Woody Guthrie*

This is their fantastic debut E.P.!…great harmonies (their trademark) / singalongs for fans of hot water music, leatherface, the gaslight anthem! from Oklahoma/USA

GnR 52/53

CD, LP incl. Download

*Crazy Arm – Tribes/Help For Heroines 7″*

This is one of the best songs of “union city breath” and one unreleased song as B-Side of this great band..still mixing rock /punk and folk like you have never heard before with awesome political lyrics  from Plymouth/UK

GnR 51

7inch incl. Download (100 x red , 400 x black vinyl)

*Auxes – More!More!More!*

This is the brandnew Auxes Record..great stuff mixing hot snakes, wipers with their own personal touch! great post punk record feat. members of milemarker, eniac, honigbomber, …. from hamburg/germany/USA/World

GnR 49/50

CD, LP incl Download (500 x black Vinyl)

Dan Webb And The Spiders – Oh Sure

their first album incl. new artwork, remastered and 4 brand new
bonustracks. This is probably the catchiest record ever from this brilliant band from Boston/USA.

GnR 47/48

CD, coloured LP incl. Download (100 x clear / 400 x green vinyl)

Bug Attack – s/t 7″

great trash/punk/garage One Man Band from Rendsburg/Germany

GnR 46

7inch incl. Download

Crazy Arm – Union City Breath

This is the awesome 2nd strike of this great band..still mixing rock /punk and folk like you have
never heard before with awesome political lyrics  from Plymouth/UK

GnR 44/45

CD, LP incl. CD

Honigbomber – Live Im Reichstag

great DeutschPunk/Post Punk/Noise/Rock Mega Allstarband feat. members from Eniac, Kurt, Oma Hans, Solemn League, Kurhaus …from Hamburg, Germany…this stuff is awesome!

GnR 42/43

CD, LP incl. CD

Red City Radio – The Dangers Of Standing Still

Red City Radio Dangersgreat pop punk that combines the best moments of gaslight anthem, hot water music and leatherface. fantastic catchy debut record from oklahoma/USA.

GnR 44/45

CD, LP incl. Download (400 white/black marbled, 100 clear vinyl+silkscreen cover)

The Riot Before – Acoustic

The Riot Before Acousticgreat full band acoustic Album. Feat Songs from their first 3 records like you have never heard them before. great stuff of these guys from Richmond/USA.

GnR 46/47

CD, LP incl. Download (400 red vinyl, 100 clear vinyl+silkscreen cover)

The World/Inferno Friendship Society – The Anarchy And The Ecstasy

Wifs - Anarchy + Ecstasy Awesome Anarcho Punk Swing Orchestra! This Gang is from Brooklyn/New York/USA

GnR 37

CD with high quality 8 page booklet feat. some specials…

Title Tracks – It Was Easy

Title Tracks - It was easyGreat Power Pop Post Punk! Feat. Ex-Q and Not U, Ex-Georgie James from Washington DC/USA

GnR 35/36

CD, coloured LP incl. Download (100 x clear / 400 x blue vinyl)

Dan Webb And The Spiders – Much Obliged

Dan Webb And The Spiders - Much ObligedGreat Record think of old Jay Reatard mixed with Thermals great Garage Rock from Boston/USA

GnR 33/34

CD, coloured LP incl. Download (100 x clear / 400 x white vinyl)

The Riot Before – Rebellion

The Riot Before - Rebellion Fantastic Record think of Hot Water Music mixed with The Gaslight Anthem and AgainstMe! Great Stuff from Richmond/Virginia/USA

GnR 31/32

CD, coloured LP incl. Download (100 x orange / 400 x blue vinyl)

Sticks and Stones – Ninty Eighty Seven

6 unreleased tracks on a one-sided 12″ EP backed with an engraving of the classic band’s iconic logo by this 80s/90s hardcore/punk legend, feat the singer of the world/inferno friendship society,   from New Brunswick/USA

This is the first time ever release of the group’s original 6 song Demo.

GnR 28

black and white Vinyl incl. Download, Download

Jeff Rowe – Barstool Conversations

Jeff Rowe - Barstool Conversations Superb Songs from This Great Singer/Songwriter from Boston/USA

GnR 29/30

CD, coloured LP incl. Download, Download

The Blacklist Royals – Semper Liberi

Finest Punk Rock in the vein of Social Distortion and The Gaslight Anthem, from Nashville, TN USA

GnR 26/27

CD, coloured LP incl. Download

Auxes – Ichkannichtmehr

Auxes - IchkannichtmehrNewest strike of this post punk monster feat. members of milemarker, challenger, eniac and airpeople from USA/Germany

GnR 23/24

CD, coloured LP incl. download,  download

Ninja Gun – Restless Rubes

Ninja Gun - Restless RubesGreat Powerpop/Punk think of weezer and start singing along from Valdosta/USA

GnR 21/22

CD, coloured LP incl.  download

Crazy Arm – Born To Ruin

Crazy Arm - Born To RuinThis is a great mix of rock/punk and folk like you have
never heard before with awesome political lyrics from Plymouth/UK

GnR 19/20

CD, coloured LP incl. Download

Landmines – s/t

Landmines s/t

Debut album and brandnew EP, hardcore punk at it’s best from Richmond/Virginia USA

GnR 16/17

CD, coloured LP incl. Download

Cobra Skulls – American Rubicon

Cobra Skulls - American RubiconFantastic 2nd album by Cobra Skulls feat. 17 songs full of crust, folk, rockabilly, skate punk and more from Reno/USA

GnR 14/15

CD, coloured LP incl. Download

Frank Turner – The First Three Years

Frank Turner - The First Three Years

Passionate folk/punk, a collection of 23 songs recorded in the first 3 years on CD and double LP from the UK

GnR 14/15

CD,  double LP

Saint Alvia – The Saint Alvia Cartel

Saint Alvia - The Saint Alvia Cartel

Various style punk rock in the vein of alltime heroes The Clash, from Ontario, Canada

GnR 11/12

CD + coloured LP

Cobra Skulls – Sitting Army

Cobra Skulls - Sitting Army

A brand of punk that blends crust, folk, rockabilly, skate-punk, and more from Reno/USA

GnR 9/10

CD, coloured LP incl. Download

The Gaslight Anthem – Senor And The Queen

The Gaslight Anthem - Senor And The QueenLong awaited follower EP of their brilliant debut ‘Sink Or Swim’

GnR 7/8

10” & CD

Fake Problems – How Far Our Bodies Go

Fake Problems - How Far Our Bodies GoStomping mix between indie/punk country and rock from Naples/USA

GnR 5/6

LP & CD (incl. 4 unreleased bonus tracks)

Jack Terricloth – The Collected Cloth

The Collected Cloth

Collection of stories combined in one book written by the singer of The World/Inferno Friendship Society from New York/USA

GnR 4


The Gaslight Anthem – Sink Or Swim

The Gaslight Anthem - Sink Or SwimTimeless & authentic Soul/Punk-Rock from New Brunswick/USA

GnR 2/3

LP (colored!) & CD

Mischief Brew – Smash The Windows

Mischief Brew - Smash The WindowsCarnivalesque Punk/Anarcho-Folk from Philadelphia/USA

GnR 1