Frank Otto – Guitar, Voice

Mario Störkle – Bass

Markus Brengartner – Drums


TenVolt Shock play intricate, energetic Noise Rock. For the past 13 years years they toured off the focus of the typical
Music machinery across Europe and played far over 100 concerts with bands such as Chinese Stars, Turbostaat, Oma Hans, Vaz, A-Frames, Intelligence, Melt Banana, Airpeople, Steak Knife, Auxes, Electric Electric and many more. In March 2013 they toured for the  first time outside of Europe and went for nine shows on tour in Australia.
In collaboration with X-Mist Records and other European and other American labels have been released 3 LPs, 4 CDs
some singles and split singles and a tour DVD .
In May 2013 is the fourth album Strasbourg” on Gunner Records (Bremen) in collaboration with Bigout Records
(Lyon) in the record stores.